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Multi-Sensory Creative Writing + IEW Concepts, academic year, 9th-adult, Instructor Michel, Monday, 5pm CST

Multi-Sensory Creative Writing + IEW Concepts, academic year, 9th-adult, Instructor Michel, Monday, 5pm CST

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Mondays, 5pm-6pm CST

Part One: September 11th-November 20th (no class on 9/25)

Part Two: January 8th-March 11th

Note: IEW discontinued the Student Resource Notebook, but they are still selling the Student Resource Packet. If you purchased the SRN previously, you can keep using that. Everyone else needs to purchase the Student Resource Packet. :)

Note: This is not an IEW class per se, but we do teach IEW concepts in this class because they are too fantastic to leave out!

 This 10-week class was designed specifically with homeschoolers in mind. Suggested age: 14-adult, although we will consider younger students at the discretion of the parent. We do offer a daytime class for grades 5-8 and another one for teens and adults. See our course listings for more information.

This class works well for most ages because the course requirements do not dictate precisely how much material must be written per assignment. Guidelines will be given, but depending on the ability and writing experience of the student, assignment length may be adjusted by each child’s parent. This class will teach students how to glean writing prompts from their surroundings and how to generate their own unique ideas for poems, stories, journaling, blogging, etc. During each weekly session, students will participate in a sensory activity that will enable them to brainstorm creative story ideas. Some activities will be followed by an in-class writing session. There will also be weekly homework, designed to take no more than 30 minutes per week to complete. 

Note: Sometimes students in this class are inspired to write a LOT. We're always excited to see that they are getting so much out of the class! However, because we usually grade 50-100 papers each week, we can only read two or three pages of each student's homework. We encourage our really loquacious writers to start their own blogs and share their ideas with the world!

Parents are responsible for editing rough drafts for spelling and punctuation; final grades are based solely on the student's completion of the assignment.

To make sure our teaching philosophy aligns with yours, please review the following articles before signing up for classes: Letter to Parents, Our Teaching Philosophy, The 4 Deadly Errors of Teaching Writing.

High-schoolers can count each semester as a 1/2 credit in language arts if they do the optional homework.

Online classes meet via Zoom, and homework will be assigned and submitted via Google Classroom.

If a student is unable to complete the class for some reason, they will still have access to the videos. :)

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