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Write a Story This Summer + IEW Concepts, 6th-12th, Instructor Bell, Mondays, 10:00am CST

Write a Story This Summer + IEW Concepts, 6th-12th, Instructor Bell, Mondays, 10:00am CST

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Write a Story This Summer, incorporating the Fabula Deck for Kids.

Suggested grade levels: 6th-12th

10:00am-10:55am CST - Mondays, June 3rd-August 5th

After purchasing this class, you will receive downloadable instructions via email.

Each family must purchase their own copy of Fabula Deck for Kids.

Suggested Materials (optional): Student Resource Packet

Note from Miss Amy: This is not an IEW class per se, but I do teach IEW concepts in this class because they are too fantastic to leave out! I first became aware of IEW in 2009, and it has shaped the way I have taught ever since. I simply cannot teach a writing class without incorporating some of their ideas. If you're curious about IEW (Institute for Excellence in Writing), check out some of our other course offerings.

This 10-week class was designed as a spin-off of Multi-sensory Creative Writing. In those classes, we used the Fabula deck for 4 weeks and had great success with it. Each student wrote a complete story over 4 weeks, but it wasn't very long, and they didn't have enough time to fully develop it or add nifty extras. THIS class is a remedy for the "over-too-quickly" feelings we all experienced when THAT class was over.

Suggested age: 11 and up. This class works well for most ages because the course requirements do not dictate precisely how much material must be written per assignment. Guidelines will be given, but depending on the ability and writing experience of the student, assignment length may be adjusted by each child’s parent. Each class will include a Fabula deck session, followed by a short brainstorming session, followed by a short in-class writing session, followed by a session for sharing and building off of each others' written ideas. Depending on the aptitude and attitude of each student, weekly homework should take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to complete. Students will read and comment on at least one other student's assignment each week, and for that reason, all submissions must be child-friendly (age 11+). 

Note: Sometimes students in my classes are inspired to write a LOT. I'm always excited to see that they are getting so much out of the coursework and interactions! However, because I usually grade about 50 papers each week, I can only read two or three pages of each student's homework. I encourage my really loquacious writers to start their own blogs and share their ideas with the world!

Parents are responsible for editing rough drafts for spelling and punctuation; final grades are based solely on the student's completion of the assignment.

Amy Bell is a registered IEW instructor, and she will grade each assignment submitted. She will make suggestions and leave comments to help students understand anything they are struggling with. In addition, she or another teacher may be available for private instruction if comments, linked videos, and in-class reviews fail to aid the student's understanding.

You can view Amy's instructor page on IEW by clicking here.

To make sure our teaching philosophy aligns with yours, please review the following articles before signing up for classes: Letter to Parents, Our Teaching Philosophy, The 4 Deadly Errors of Teaching Writing.

If a student is unable to complete the class for some reason, they will still have access to the weekly videos! :)

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