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Crescenza Studio is partnering with Rose Writing Center to bring you a unique, informative seminar packed with ideas, suggestions, and practical applications especially curated for IEW® teachers.

IEW® is a registered trademark of the Institute for Excellence in Writing, L.L.C. Used with permission.

Note: This is not an official IEW event.

Find out the answer to these questions and more!

How can I tell if my student is cheating?

Is ChatGPT content recognizable?

How can ChatGPT benefit an IEW teacher?

Can ChatGPT benefit my students?

Meet Our Presenters

Share Tips and Opinions

How do you use ChatGPT as a teacher?

How do your students use it?

What are your major concerns with it?

What do you find most valuable about it?

7pm CST on February 22nd, 2024.

Recorded meeting via Zoom

Limited to 100 participants

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