Small Business Workshop

Six Weekly Sessions

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In partnership with the Bourbon Economic Development Group, Crescenza Studio is pleased to offer a six-week workshop series: Writing Well: Small Business Workshop.

Length: 75-90 minutes each

Seats are limited.

Join us to gain helpful tips & experience that you can put into practice immediately.

As an interactive group, we'll be working through the following questions
--in the first two sessions alone!

How can I grab my readers' attention?

How can I present my thoughts in an organized fashion?

When it comes to writing, can I still work smarter, not harder?

Is it possible to use ChatGPT without looking like I used it?

Some of our Topics

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Writing Well: Small Business Workshop

Session 1: Icebreaker and Introduction to Writing Strategies

75-90 minutes

  1. Welcome and Introductions (~10 mins). 
  2. Icebreaker: TBA (~15 mins). 
  3. Introduction to Writing Strategies: Organizing your thoughts with an outline (~20 mins). 
  4. Hands-on Activity: Crafting Attention-Grabbing Introductions and Hooks (~20 mins). 
  5. Q&A and Optional Homework Assignment: Write a short blurb about your business for the next class. Add a hook (~10 mins). 

Session 2: Harnessing ChatGPT for Effective Business Writing

75-90 minutes

  1. Review Homework Blurbs (~15 mins). 
  2. Lecture: Utilizing ChatGPT Literacy & Manipulation (~15 mins). 
  3. Hands-on Activity: Crafting Business Blurbs and Hooks with ChatGPT (~5 mins). 
  4. Hands-on Writing: Sentence Openers (~20 mins). 
  5. Group Analysis: Improving GPT-generated Blurbs (~10 mins). 
  6. Q&A and Optional Homework Assignment: Refine your business blurb (~10 mins). 

Session 3: Elevating Your Writing Through Word Choice

75-90 minutes

  1. Recap and Feedback on Homework Blurbs (~15 mins). 
  2. Lecture: Word Choice Improvements and Writing Tools (~15 mins). 
  3. Group Activity: Outlining a content calendar for your business (~25 mins). 
  4. Hands-on Writing: Crafting Concise and Engaging Sentences (~15 mins). 
  5. Q&A and Optional Homework Assignment: Apply word choice and/or sentence opener improvements to an existing paragraph from your website or social media page (~5 mins). 

Session 4: Effective Brainstorming for Business

75-90 minutes

  1. Quick Review of Previous Homework (~10 mins). 
  2. Lecture: Business-Related Brainstorming Methods--overview of Medici, Six Thinking Hats, Reverse Thinking, etc. (~10 mins).
  3. Group Exercise: Develop Business Ideas Using Brainstorming Techniques (~40 mins). 
  4. Hands-on Writing: SWOT Analysis for Individual Businesses (~10 mins). 
  5. Q&A and Optional Homework Assignment: Outline a content calendar for your business (~5 mins). 

Session 5: Crafting Compelling Content for Business Growth

75-90 minutes

  1. Review Content Calendar Homework (~10 mins). 
  2. Lecture: The Importance of Content Marketing + Strategies (~20 mins). 
  3. Group Discussion: Applying Content Marketing in Different Industries (~10 mins). 
  4. Hands-on Activity: Crafting a Blog Post Outline (~30 mins). 
  5. Q&A and Optional Homework Assignment: Write a draft of your business blog post (~5 mins). 

Session 6: Putting It All Together for Local Impact

75-90 minutes

  1. Review Blog Post Drafts (~15 mins). 
  2. Group Discussion or Clarifying Activities (~20 mins). 
  3. Hands-on Writing: Finalize Blurb with Local Tourism in Mind (~15 mins). 
  4. Group Activity: Crafting an Elevator Pitch for Local Tourism (~20 mins). 
  5. Q&A and Closing Remarks: (~5 mins).