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IEW Checklist Workshops, Level B Review, 6th-8th, summer, Instructor Bell, Mondays, 8:55am CST

IEW Checklist Workshops, Level B Review, 6th-8th, summer, Instructor Bell, Mondays, 8:55am CST

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This workshop series will take place on Mondays, 8:55am-9:50am CST, beginning on July 15th and running through August 19th.

After purchasing this class, you will receive downloadable instructions via email.

The IEW Checklist Workshops are beneficial for student review, remediation, or preparation. Level B is appropriate for 6th-8th graders and inexperienced or struggling high schoolers.

This workshop series will review concepts from both semesters of level B. The following students would benefit from this workshop:

  • students who have questions about checklist elements
  • students who are struggling with checklist independence
  • students who are preparing for an IEW class next year
  • students who wish to become IEW teachers at some point in the future

In two semesters, level B students generally learn all nine units of structure, all six style dress-ups, and four out of six sentence openers. This particular workshop series has been designed to review everything a level B student should learn during both semesters.

Proposed agenda:

The first session will review units 1, 2, and 3: checklist how-to, proper outline creation and execution, how to write from notes, how to create a title, paper format (double-spaced with name and date), Story Sequence Chart, who/which clauses, paragraph format (indentation, 4 sentences per paragraph), and the -ly adverb dress-up.

The second session will review unit 4: choosing and arranging facts from a source, topic/clincher sentences, topic/clincher words, bolding, the because clause, strong verbs, and banned verbs.

The third session will review unit 5: writing from pictures, intro to brain questions, event description, proper use of the past perfect tense, quality adjectives, banned adjectives, and the clause.

The fourth session will review unit 6: choosing and arranging facts from multiple sources, baby outlines, fused outlines, bibliography, and the prepositional sentence opener.

The fifth session will review units 7 and 8: inventive writing, brain questions, hooks, introductions, conclusions, opinions, letter-writing (salutations and closings), formal essays, avoiding 1st and 2nd person, the -ly opener, and the prepositional sentence opener.

The sixth session will review unit 9: formal critique, critique thesaurus, new introduction and conclusion formats, a review of the Story Sequence Chart, the causal opener, and the very short sentence.

Because we have level B students in several different courses, all workshop students must own a copy of the Student Resource Packet. You may purchase it from IEW by clicking here. If you already own the packet because you purchased it for a previous workshop or any other class, you do not need to purchase another one. :) The Student Resource Packet is beneficial to all students, regardless of level or course. Some students even take this handy resource with them to college!!

Amy Bell is a registered IEW instructor. You can view Amy's instructor page on IEW by clicking here.

Online classes meet via Zoom. There is no homework for these particular workshops.

If a student is unable to complete the class for some reason, they will still have access to the videos. :)

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