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Structure & Style Year 1 Level B (SSS1B), 6th-8th, 2024-2025 academic year, Instructor Pierce, Fridays, 10:25am

Structure & Style Year 1 Level B (SSS1B), 6th-8th, 2024-2025 academic year, Instructor Pierce, Fridays, 10:25am

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SSS1B (grades 6-8 or equivalent, no previous IEW experience required)

Fridays @ 10:25-11:20am CST

First semester: September 6th-December 13th; no class on October 11th or November 29th

Second semester: January 3rd-April 11th; no class on February 14th or March 21st

After purchasing this class, you will receive downloadable instructions via email.

All students must own a copy of the student packet for this course. You may purchase it from IEW by clicking here.

Structure and Style is a highly acclaimed writing method that is beneficial to both reluctant and eager writers, and everyone in between! Susan Barton recommends it for dyslexic students as well.

The organization of materials is highly logical and uses the mastery approach: EZ+1. Each lesson introduces no more than one new concept, and students develop facility with that concept before learning a new one. Students refer to checklists throughout so that each student has the tools to achieve 100% on every assignment.

Over the course of the academic year, level B students will learn all nine units of structure, all six style dress-ups, and four out of six sentence openers.

Parents are responsible for editing rough drafts for basic spelling and punctuation; final grades are based solely on the student's completion of the checklist.

Your instructor, Miss Pierce, has been trained and accredited by IEW. While in high school, she completed IEW's most advanced Structure and Style curriculum in print at that time. Now as a teacher, she is excited to bring her experience and passion for skilled writing to her own students! She will grade each assignment submitted and make suggestions to help students understand anything they are struggling with. In addition, she or another team member may be available for private instruction if comments and linked videos fail to aid the student's understanding.

To make sure our teaching philosophy aligns with yours, please review the following articles before signing up for classes: Letter to Parents, Our Teaching Philosophy, The 4 Deadly Errors of Teaching Writing.

Online classes meet via Zoom.

If a student is unable to complete the class for some reason, they will still have access to the videos of the weekly lessons. :)

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